Willie “Big Eyes” Smith

Meanwhile, the new album by Willie “Big Eyes” Smith features a song written by JACK deKEYZER and JOHN MARS entitled “Big Wig Woman”. The CD, called “Blues From The Heart” features Jack deKeyzer on lead guitar, Michael Fonfara on piano and, Alec Fraser on bass. Fans will want to note that all of these great musicians are also featured on the John Mars “Whasup?” CD. Willie’s “Blues From The Heart” disc was produced by Alec Fraser and, harmonicat Al Lerman at Alec’s studio in Toronto and, it is real Chicago blues with a sense of humour. Willie was once the drummer for Muddy Waters and, this smokin’ new release should not be missed. If you are a blues fan and, have not already heard Willie Smith play a shuffle beat, then your life is about to improve! The CD is available worldwide. For ordering/distribution information just go to our “links” page and click on Willie “Big Eyes” Smith.


Willie "Big Eyes" Smith  "Blues From The Heart"
Willie “Big Eyes” Smith “Blues From The Heart”