Ray Materick teams up with Michael Fonfara

Fans will want to note that Ray Materick’s great, new “Ashes And Dust” CD includes keyboards by MICHAEL FONFARA, who was featured on John Mars’ “Whasup?” album. The album was produced by former Rhinoceros producer Frazier Mohawk, Tim Drummond (ex-Bob Dylan/James Brown) plays the bass and, Mike Fitzpatrick is the drummist. The record includes the pop/rock charm of songs like “You Babe”, “Emily” and, a gorgeous ballad called “Talkin’ About You”, which has long been a staple of Materick sets. It sounds like a hit CD to us! With “Fomph” playing the organ it gives Ray’s backing group a sound that is a bit reminiscent of The Band. For ordering info, go to our “links” page and, click on Ray Materick # 2. Ray Materick has long been a distintive voice in Canadian music and, he is well worth checking out.

Submitted by Huggy Bundle/June 2001