Rhinoceros album (circa 1968) has been made available on CD

At long last, the first Rhinoceros album (circa 1968) has been made available on CD (Collector’s Choice Records) and, it has just appeared in Toronto record stores. Rhinoceros included Michael Fonfara on keyboards – Michael can also be heard on John Mars’ latest CD. The CD booklet notes for the new re-issue includes a quote from an interview that John did with guitarist Danny Weis of Rhinoceros way back in the 1980’s. Collector’s Choice Records has also re-issued the first David Ackles lp, on which the singer/songwriter was backed by Rhinoceros. We can only hope that Collector’s Choice will follow up these re-issues by releasing “Satin Chickens” and “Better Times Are Coming”, which were the 2nd and, 3rd Rhinoceros albums. Maybe even the Blackstone album (which included Fonfara, Weis, Finley, Leishman and Hodgson of Rhinoceros)? For more information on Rhinoceros, just go to our links page.

Sadly, at present, original Rhinoceros drummer Billy Mundi is quite ill, due to complications from diabetes. He has had to have a leg amputated, but, is determined to play again. He will be working with Roland (Drums)and, the doctors to co-ordinate a prosthesis and, drum kit set up that will work for him. Get well greetings sent by e-mail will be printed out and, read to him by his wife.

Send them to: patsalas@cncnet.com

submitted by Huggy Bundle / January 2003