Terry Sumsion Benefit Show : April 27

TERRY SUMSION at Grant Avenue Studio – Photograph by Huggy Bundle

John Mars will be doing his first show in more than 15 months and,  will be performing a number of brand new songs as well as a few of his old songs that you may remember.  John is pleased to be a part of what will be a totally amazing fundraiser that will benefit a real Canadian Country/Western singing icon.  John’s pal, Terry Sumsion has always been one of the musical heroes of  John’s own  lil’ neighbourhood. Lately, Terry has had an incredible time battling cancer.  He’s a fighter, but, he and his family need some help with all of this ….  So, let’s kick into gear and, help out  !

TERRY SUMSION BENEFIT : 1 pm  ’til   7 pm 
Sunday, April 27
JOHN MARS will be the opening act

So, get there early and, get a good seat !

other acts include the Mercey Brothers,  J.P. Riemens, Suzie Sweetman, Stagecoach & Wildwood Flowers

Paris Fairgrounds, Paris Ontario
$ 25    order by phone by Visa/Mastercard
519 – 442 – 2823

If you wish to make an additional donation to benefit Terry and, his family, you can arrange this by calling  Wayne/Helen Heimbecker at (519) – 756 -7439

On Sunday, April 27th  from  1  ’til   6pm  musicians and, friends will come together to pay tribute to Terry Sumsion’s musical legacy.  All proceeds from the $25 cover charge will go directly to help Terry.  It is sure to be a very special day for anyone who takes the time to attend.

At this time, a new DVD of Terry’s music will be released and, you will be able to purchase it at the show.  Allow me to tell a bit of the story behind the video project…

On Christmas day, over a Christmas dinner at a friend’s house, my friend and, musical colleague J.P. Riemens explained to me just how serious Terry’s cancer was at that time.    J.P. said that he would like to record Terry doing old and new songs “right away” at his own Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton.     God (whoever she is) bless J.P.     Right away,  I  then asked my great friend  J.P. what I could maybe do to help out with this entire cause.    So, J.P. and, I  talked for a bit and, then I quickly had a bit of a brainstorm and,  I suggested that, besides J.P. doing his thing and,  producing a new record for Terry, we might also be able to arrange to have the entire recording session filmed.

I suggested that I contact our mutual friend Jim Unsworth right away.  Jim is a brilliant videographer and, one of the nicest guys in the entire world.  A day or so later, Jim dropped what he was doing to come by and, see me about the suggested project.  Jim did this although he had never even heard of Terry Sumsion or, his music.   Jim Unsworth said that he was in right away just because he is always confident about the opinions and, passions of people like J.P. and, myself.

Jim Unsworth and, I had dinner at the Arlington Hotel in Paris on December 28, 2007 and, Jim  immediately agreed to do whatever he could to help.    Jim did what he did based on the vibe that if  his friends  J.P. and, John thought that Terry was terrific – then, Terry must be terrific. During dinner, Jim suggested that I interview Terry about his life and, career, while we were making the film and, I was happy to oblige. Events like this are all about love and, a total spirit of community.   And so….

On Saturday, December 29, 2007 – everything came together.  Terry Sumsion did an astounding job of cutting 16 songs while only actually only having to do 23 takes in sum total !    Terry wasn’t exactly feeling in the best of health but, he got it all of that done ?  This amazing man sang all day long.    I was so impressed !    He is a total trooper.  Jim Unsworth and, his  friend / colleague Dan Copeland bent over backwards to film every minute of the session, using 3 cameras.    Some of the songs were done with Terry’s new line-up of musicians including Doug Johnson on guitar and, some were done with his old band , “Stagecoach”(including guitarist/songwriter Wayne Heimbecker) from the 1970’s.   Many of you may remember  some of the songs from Terry Sumsion’s past, which were huge Country/Western hits in our country –   Ie:  “Our Lovin’ Place” and, “Midnight Invitation”, especially.      Be assured however, that Terry is not just resting on his laurels.  He has many new songs or arrangements of old songs that are all included in the new DVD.  And, he has a whole new approach to folk/country music that I feel very much akin with.  My dear pal J.P. Riemens did a totally amazing job of capturing Terry’s  performances ” live, off of the floor” at Grant Ave.   “Grant” continues to be one of the world’s finest recording studios and, J.P. Riemen’s is one of the planet’s finest engineers.

Since the time of the December session/film shoot, Terry’s very serious, intensive operation went well and, he is recovering, although he is presently enduring an incredible grind, due to the chemotherapy.   Meanwhile , Jim Unsworth and, J.P. Riemens have been relentlessly working on the DVD/CD  project and, this  type of labour of love on the part of all of the people that truly love Terry Sumsion will soon be available for all to see and, hear.    Please come out on the day and, express your own love for the considerable legacy that is Terry’s music.

submitted by John Mars / March 2008