Gord Lewis

Gord Lewis at the Alexander Graham Bell Hotel, Brantford 1978 photograph by Ron Thompson

Gord Lewis 1958 ~ 2022 Rest In Peace

I first met Gordie 'Legs' Lewis and Teenage Head at what was one of their very first gigs ever outside of their hometown of Hamilton, which was at 'The Bell' hotel in Brantford in 1978.  I have so many memories of:  fun gigs with his band and mine playing side-by-side and rooting for each other ~ being invited to sit in the booth in the studio when Teenage Head were carving out a truly  great record ~ baseball and hockey games that Gord and I went to in Toronto and Buffalo ~ the 5,000,000 laughs that we shared  together ~ the scorching sound of his self-described 'slash and burn guitar' ~ but, most of all, it'll be the sound of Gordie's laughter  that I will remember and treasure."

~  John